Adulthood: Just Keep Swimming

Life comes at you fast. And when I say fast, I mean like a blink-of-the-eye car crash with several cars, pedestrians and a tow-truck crash (with Michael Bay explosions). Life is no joke. Unexpected things happen and you must have the ability to catch yourself, land running and just keep going or you’ll get crushed and killed in the wreckage. Why so dramatic? Let me tell you about my day:

As you guys know, I have been having problems deciding on a student loan and working out the procedures. I was given a one week ultimatum (old tomato) to make a decision, which sent me into a mini freak out. However, having the battle-worn GB on my side and her expert advice on being an adult (and how much it sucks), I made it out pretty well and have finally made a final decision on the loan. However, that was barely out of my plate when she called to my attention other paperwork that needed to be handed in by July 1st. Reader, please do not think that I’m an airhead or just plain irresponsible. The problem with all these procedures is that they are new to me; more than that, planning a life outside of your island, which includes a complete life-style change, takes a toll on you. It is normal to miss out things, even important things. Nevertheless, God has provided me with a grumpy, cat loving, guardian angel (Yes, it’s GB) who keeps me on top of everything. The crisis has been avoided, the freak out has been contained and my soul has been signed away.

As I stated in my last post: it’s always good to have someone who knows more than you. GB has had to go through this and was prepared to pester me over the little things I missed out. More than that, she has wrought in me the importance of looking after the smallest details. She kept telling me yesterday, “Don’t just be rational about it. Call the person in charge and get more information. You can never be too safe”. This might seem neurotic on her part, but she is right. I am not psychic or magical, and an assumption on my behalf can cost me.

Yes, GB is all sorts of magic and has a lot of information to help me out; nevertheless, she cannot control my life for me. In other words, reader, it is up to me to make all the decisions, plan all the things that I need to do and do them. The whole point of adulthood is to be able to stand for yourself and do things on your own. This entails that you must pick your graduate school options, you must do all the paper work and so on. I am not saying you will be alone throughout this process and other life processes. It is always ideal to ask for help and guidance from the Titans of Knowledge (i.e. the people who have already gone through this). However, it is up to you to take your own steps and decide what part of the information they have given you is useful to you.

Reader, you can’t go throughout your life holding onto others or being asked to be carried. No, you must have the strength to carry yourself. Is it going to be hard? Yes. Will there be times where you just want to cry yourself to sleep? Oh god YES! But it’s not impossible. You are only as strong as you believe you are; and you will only reach as far as you plan to. So don’t be afraid of letting go of mom and dad’s hand. Don’t be afraid of taking baby step to your future. It will take time, it will seem far and at times you will want to quit; but every step you take is a step closer to your dream.

Let me clarify: Being an adult is not being alone; it’s about being with the right people. The right people will always be honest with you; they will help you when you’re down, face you when you’re wrong and laugh with you when you’re happy. Being an adult is not about waiting for life to happen; it’s about making it happen. And the only way to make life happen is getting up every morning and making all those hard decisions; it’s about knowing what to sacrifice and what to keep even though you have no idea if you’re doing it right. Remember, there is no right answer, just the answer you’ve chosen.

Finally, GB has been there for me throughout all this process. She has helped me feel secure and has shown me options I could have never seen for myself. Nevertheless, she has never forced me to make a decision she thought best. Life picked me up and threw me into the water; she merely gave me floaties and told me to swim. And that’s what growing up is. Knowing how to swim, having the right people by your side to help you out and making it to the finish line. It’s your life, you strength, your end.

Signing off,


P.S. This post is dedicated to GB and all the people like her who never let a friend down. You guys are lifesavers!


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