The Rain and The Ring

Disclaimer: This was written before my trip.


Hello reader, I’d like to apologize for my small hiatus. It’s been a hectic week. First on my birthday I was greeted with a horrible toothache (which has not lessened); second I got engaged and finally I’m preparing my luggage has been a real hassle. Nevertheless, do not fret; I will make it up to you all.

Let us go back, you and I, and let me tell you about my engagement, how it happened and what it brought. It was on the day after my birthday, July 17. We (my aunt, my two female cousins my Mr. Grumpy and me) went to El Yunque;  Puerto Rico’s national rain forest. Believe you me, it’s a beautiful place and I highly recommend a family vacation there. The only warning I have, be prepared to walk. And I mean like a 5K walk. There are various places you can go to, such as the main tower, the replica tower or go down to the Mina Falls; which are all beautiful.

I won’t feed you any Indiana Jones-like story but our walk up to the tower was brutal. Walking through a rain forest ain’t no joke. All the fauna and flora is out to get you and if you stray from the path (which was very slippery), you might get lost. Any who, it was a trying experience considering the risks and how my day had started out. Reader, I have no shame in saying that that day i spent  most of my day on a toilet. You see, I have a crippling anxiety of travelling to far away places (oh the irony), especially in the early morning. So, needless to say it was not my day. Nevertheless, I knew something was going down that day. Mr. G and I had talked about getting engaged and I was in a state of peril because i didn’t know when he was going to spring the question on me.

This trip meant more to me than anything. First off, I have been planning it for days, second it was the first time I would be going to El Yunque and third, I had to find out if Mr.G would propose. Needles to say there was a lot at stake. So I held myself down and made my way up the mountain. Nonetheless, it was a difficult trip for me because it challenged me physically, emotionally and psychologically. This trip helped to reinforce my belief and strife in what I will be doing in the next couple of years. Also, as the date for my trip nears I fear more for myself and if I want to do this or not. However, when I find myself wavering or doubting myself I remember that one hour hike to the mountains and how much I got from it when arrived.

Reader, it is unnecessary for me to tell you that I made it and that I did got engaged. However, I believe I owe you a description of that moment. Between that huffing, puffing and the complaining when we got there we looked up at that tower amazed at its grandeur. More than that we stood awestruck at the nature around us. Never has a more beautiful treasure stood in front of me. When we made it up to the top of the tower, the mountains, the sky and God himself smiled at us. Yet, the greatest moment came when the rain, as I said yes, came down us. It washed our strain and pain and gave us the gift of happiness and family. Like Rip Van Winkle, we went into nature; we were struck with the sublime of it and we came down anew. We were now one and a great future is awaiting us.

Reader, my gift from life I will share with you: you may plan great things and you may have great hope for yourself. However, your efforts are only measured by how much strength you have to make it possible. The climb may be steep and there will be moments you’ll want to quit; and it is at this moment that you have to remember how much you put into making this happen. It is then that you must keep true to your path and make it through no matter what. And I promise you that when you do make it, that victory will be so much greater.

 Signing off, TWS


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