Caged Birds Don’t Sing

Silent drip drop from my face

Your empty stares, my colorful shame

I stop, my voice cracks

I swallow, I try to get back on track

Your judgment is amiss

Your expectations of me

Are more than I can bring

I apologize, my words trip

I stand up, I run from me

Trapped birds can’t sing

They can only flutter their wings

And you know this

You can’t stop what I’ve decided to be

I hold the sound in my beak

I stutter around in the hallway

I look lost, in my mind I am miles away

I know, I must go back in

Face the things I’ve brought up

I need to go back in

I have to finish my thoughts

I am ready to sing

But there is not time

And no one will listen to me

Signing off, TWS


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