Box of Self

In my Expressive Arts therapy class we were asked to make a Box of Self. This magical box is supposed to be a 3D project with a multimodal approach. It is supposed to have an inside and outside. The purpose of this project is to recreate who we are through the creation of the box. I invite any and all to try this project because it not only demonstrates who you are to other people in a creative and therapeutic way; it also helps you explore the construction of self.


For my box of self I chose a crate. I painted the outside like a house because I come from a really big family. I was taught that those who are closest to us are family and that they are the ones who will help us through the good and the bad times. Hence, I was taught to give solace and care to those in need even if they aren’t family.


Once the box is opened there is a double landscape under a blue sky. The beach represents my old life back at home and the greener landscape is my life here. Personally, I identify myself as water. I can be calm, soft, soothing and crystal but I can also be wild waves of emotion and torrents that can drown you. I am able to take many forms and break through, with perseverance and patience through the toughest obstacles. The blue sky represents the feeling of being genuine because the sky is the same no matter where you are in the world; no matter where I go I am genuinely me. Finally, the double landscape can be pulled up to reveal a bottom filled with black rocks and multicolored sequins.


This part represents the part we keep hidden. This bottom part is what is underneath the surface of me. It represents all the negative things I cannot control. However, the sequins are the treasures I am able to gain through these negative things. Through this bottom part I recognize that from good comes bad and from bad comes good. And thus, there is pieces of sequins trying to rise to the top just as there are black rocks doing the same.

I am proud of my work and I believe that it best represents who I am. Later on, I found out that in my Intermodal class I will have to re-construct my box of self. I am resistant but I believe it will be good to see how I have grown through my art and personal life. in a way I look forward to this because I’ll have a comaprison of who I was and who I am. More than that, art will ultimately be used what it was meant for: reflection of self and cosntruction of reality.

Singing off, TWS


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