Desert, Ocean & Bacteria


Desert: Crooked pieces. It is the end, it is Eve.

Ocean: I am torn, I am less built more worn. I am Eve on the eve of the exile in Eden.

Desert: I am first, there is nothing but dirt and sand. I am first, There is nothing in me but dirt and sand.

Ocean: I am a container; though broken and curved, I sail, I move East.

Bacteria: I contain nothing. I am unicellular. I am holding what is left of the woman in Eden.

The piece in the front is Bacteria, the one on the left is Ocean and the one on the right is Desert. These pieces focus on the exile of Eve when she ate the fruit of knowledge. Desert represents the body of Eden as she is being torn down by knowledge, by the realization that she must now go out of paradise. It realizes that Eve is the first woman; that she is new and that knowledge is valuable. Ocean represents the force that drives Eve to continue, to hold herself even though she is being torn. It represents the vessel of the body as that which carries the knowledge, that which seeks truth. Finally, Bacteria is the end of Eve in the physical sense. It represents the end of the physical suffering but also the continuation of that knowledge. The walls that Desert and Ocean had may be down but Bacteria is slowly spreading out. The knowledge in Eve is not lost nor is it stuck, it will keep spreading.

Signing off, TWS


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