Art: Process


Art is a process.

It does not have clear guidelines and it does not have an end.

It is a journey you take be it with pencil, collage or paint in which you create what you feel, see or wish to be.

At times it becomes a projection of feelings, a soul searching experience where you decentralize who you are and place it on a surface until it makes sense. At times words won’t suffice but you’ll look at it and say: “yeah, that’s how I feel.”

And that is the main point about art, to make you feel. It doesn’t have to beautiful, it doesn’t have to be perfect, hell, it doesn’t have to be done. Art just needs to be present.

There is no need to define it or talk about it. Art speaks for itself and it says something different to each person.

Be not afraid to create. Art is not something you learn, it’s something that is within you.

Let it be free. Even if you can’t draw. Even if you can’t paint.

And even if you don’t have the right tools to make it, if you let it free it will come to you. So create, make art, because that things that is on your mind and in your heart can only be expressed by your own two hands.

Give birth to who you are, to who you want to be. Because in art there is always space for you to be free

Signing off, TWS


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