Autumn Affair


I had an autumn affair.

He stood strong but not so fair.

His patience was to be admired.

He stood through the seasons without even a smile.

Spring was green. Summer was green.

And he knew that in autumn he would be with me.

I passed time and time again, not noticing his gallant sway.

His hair ruffled by the wind and his face brightened by the sun could not move me to look at him.

The temperature dropped and as I passed him, so did my heart.

I saw him change, watched him turn.

Never such a beauty had I to behold.

Soft yellow tips, slowly bemoaning in the wind.

I stood, I passed and I stared and from every angle I admired that flare.

Yellow tinged into orange and I realized I could not hold him.

I could only slow my pace, make my time last with him.

Everyday I saw less of who he used to be.

Less of what I liked of him.

In his place stood nothing but a leaf-less trunk.

A tree with no spunk and no care, just waiting for the seasons to change so I could love him again.

Signing Off, TWS


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