Idée Fixe


 I am no longer looking at you

But through you to what’s beyond.

In the horizon lies

Those soft breaths of life.

I seek them out,

I drink them with my mouth.

Even when they are away from me,

Like I am to you this winter eve,

I adore them like once I did you.

They promise to do

What you never could.

They are not held by hands.

They do not turn on the same land.

They are new and brand each day;

Morning and night.

And each time they dance within my sight




And I into a trance.

Like alcohol paint

They drip in the sky.

I drink them with pain,

And with each sigh,

I recognize that they are beyond my grasp.

They are little gasps of light

While I am a mere sack of flesh

Held down by the same gravity that gives them flight.

They look so fresh with the wind,

So happy and care free,

While I am here sitting under this leafless tree.

Signing Off, TWS


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