Autumn Passed



It rained

It shined

It rained

It rained

You never came

As the soil saturates

and my roots are soaking wet

I am reminded of the promises you made


In August, September and October

the seasons changed

and you never came

I wonder if you still remember

You walk by every time

I am rooted here

Wanting to have you near

I thought that you were mine

You turn back to see

I hope that it is me

you turn your back to me

And no hope I see

This poem is a response to the Autumn Affair poem I wrote last year. As I walked past that tree this year, I wondered what it would say to me.

The painting is a four panel, 12 inches tall, alcohol ink painting I made in remembrance of the once flamboyant tree. Please visit my page [Paradise Inks] for more alcohol ink works.


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