Harvest: I am _____

sep 15

Sometimes we forget who we are.

‘I am a person.’

We lose agency and strength.

‘I am strong and in control.’

We start following.

‘I am a leader.’

We start disappearing.

‘I am here.’

Sometimes we need to be reminded.

‘I am. I am. I am.’



This trading card was made during a supervision meeting with my mentor. As I moved towards creating paths and connections with other beings in my field of work I found parts of me were vanishing. I saw parts of myself being molded and manipulated by other blacksmiths who had no experience with the precious metal that was my soul  and mind. I feared falling out of control. I feared not standing my ground. So, as I flipped through a Yoga magazine I stumbled upon this quote. I was reminded that I am the only blacksmith that can melt, mold and recreate me.

Don’t forget that. You’re your own blacksmith,  jeweler and model. You construct your life, you embellish it and you present i to the world. Remember, always remember, that you are. You are. You are. And without you there would be one less beautiful wonder to share with the world.

Signing off,  TWS




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