Missing & Waving


Sometimes you miss home

Sometimes you can’t go


As I lay, nestled in these mountains

In the green foliage of Spring

Now turned brown into early Winter

I wonder what the waves look like

I wonder if they still crash and retreat

Crash and retreat

Like an exchange of words,

A conversation with the sand


As I wait for snow, for seasons changed

And the temperature drops again

I wonder if the ocean is still blue

I wonder if it turns darker the deeper it goes

And it can go, go and go

Like a rainbow only in hues of blue

Sometimes with a little green


As I close my eyes and smell the rain

And wait for warmth

I wonder if the sand still feels hot

I wonder if the sting still stings and lingers

Kisses grazing and remembering

Like a lover in a thousand of grains

All saying my name


As I sit and wait for summer

And for home

I wonder if I’ll ever return

I wonder if I’ll ever stop missing it

Missing and Missing it

Like a child removed from the womb

I hope to feel the embrace of mother again

Signing Off, TWS

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