Feeling Helpless, yet Hopeful

In the noise of the everyday battle for equality, for justice, and for freedom I tend to lose my voice. I tend to lose my strength and wonder ‘what the hell am I even doing? What can one person do?’
And then, when I start to discern the noise I hear one strong voice, two strong voices and then a choir of strong leaders. Strong women, strong people of color saying and doing what needs to be done.
Just because you’re not leading the battle, it does not mean you’re not part of it. We all have parts to play. We all have strengths and weaknesses that compliment others’ strengths and weaknesses.
Feeling helpless is part of the motions of the battle for justice. However, it is up to you if you decide to stay helpless.
It is in these moments where you gather resources and support. You find ways to care for yourself, you find ways to continue your journey. Advocacy work is hard, it can be discouraging but it is never done. Standing up, and standing out is important but you first need to know what that looks like for you and how you’re going to make it possible.
No matter what, stay hopeful. Stay hopeful while you rest. Stay hopeful while you advocate. Stay hopeful even when you cry.
United we are strong. United we are supported
Signing off,

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