National Alliance on Mental Illness

The hardest part about mental illnesses is seeking out help. It becomes a snowball process of recognizing that something is not right, that you need help and searching for that help. Though the process may seem linear, in reality it is everything but linear.

When being diagnosed we fear being labeled, we fear not getting the right treatment we fear never getting better. Once that first wave has passed and you feel stable, something—anything – can rock that stability. Mental illnesses are a holistic problem that encompasses all aspects of one’s life and when one part of your life is under attack, your foundation will be tested.

Falling back into old habits (self-harm, suicidal tendencies, psychotic breaks, etc.) can be discouraging after you have reached a great amount of progress. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you are a failure. It means that you are human and that getting better is a never ending process.

Yes, ‘never-ending process’ sounds exhausting but it is never the same path. You will see similar stop signs and pot holes on your way to getting better but the results will be different. Never be discouraged by your setbacks, nothing in life is linear.

One of the things is helpful is to seek out help and talk to people who understand you and know what you’re going through. The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers a plethora of resources for people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. They offer resources for LGBT folk, veterans, families, youths and others.

They also have a new app (NAMI AIR) that provides an anonymous space for sharing your experiences, successes and hardships regarding mental health.  It includes:

NAMI AIR is intended to provide another way for people to find and give support, to connect with others through smart phone and computer tablet.

  • NAMI AIR encourages users to anonymously share their stories and receive feedback in the form of social interactions such as “like,” “hug” and “me too.”
  • Also allows users to access information on how to get help, learn more about NAMI and connect with the NAMI HelpLine.
  • NAMI AIR facilitates personal connections with others who may be going through, or have been through, similar situations. Users are anonymous but not alone

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