Body Mapping: Exploring Trauma

Body mapping explores the inner and outer self of the client. It deconstructs how the client views themselves, how they perceive their output in their life and what ties them to the world. Body mapping helps clients inhabit their body as cognitive and emotional beings. It helps them give voice to the stories that have no words.

Body mapping works to help clients cultivate strengths and find meaning in who they are and who they want to be. It gives them courage and strength to tell their story and reach out to others who have gone through similar things.

The video depicts the artistic journey of a group of people from Kenya, Nairobi and their self-exploration regarding their trauma. The video focuses on the power of body mapping and how it can help those who have gone through trauma. The video breaks down the steps to body mapping while demonstrating its effects on the participants.

Art2Be is a group comprised of artists and therapists who utilize body mapping as a therapeutic medium to help people tell their stories and campaign for their rights in public.

To see more artworks and information about body maps visit:

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