Origin Story

I believe I should give a little context to my name. The Wandering Student is homage to the myth of The Wandering Jew. The myth goes, that a shoe making Jew (had the gall) to taunt Jesus on his way to his crucifixion. Jesus (being the badass that he is) told him “Go on forever ‘till I return.”

My desire to assimilate myself with this mythological character is not in the religious sense (or anti religious), but rather by interpreting the  myth as my own journey for knowledge as a never-ending expedition where I must keep in constant movement (mind, body and soul) to reach my goal. If you wish a full interpretation of the myth it would be this: the taunting of Jesus is symbolic to that of ignorance and authority which leads me to be banned into the world where I may learn and grow as a professional and a person. The Jew’s inability to die symbolizes my burning passion to gain knowledge; like the Scholar Gypsy I will not die until I have learned all I must learn. And finally, the death of the Jew at the Second Coming symbolizes the epitome of my existence as and the limit to my journey.  Below you will find some lines about The Wandering Jew.

           “He wandered from Judaea to Greece, from Greece to Rome. He grew old, and his face was like leather, but his eyes were bright, and he never lost his vigor. He went through storms and the cold of winter, he endured the dry heat of summer, but no sickness overtook him. He joined armies that were going forth to battle, but death never came his way, though men fell by his side.

He was never seen to laugh. Now and then, some learned man would draw him into talk, not knowing who he was, and would find him familiar with great events in history. It was not as if he had learned these in books. He talked as if he himself had been present. Then the learned man would shake his head, and say to himself, “Poor man, he is mad,” and only after the old wanderer had left would the thought suddenly come, “Why, that must have been the Wandering Jew.”

Where is he now? No one knows. Wandering, weary, he moves from place to place. Sometimes he is driven off by the people, he looks so uncanny. When war breaks out, he says to himself, “Perhaps now at last the end of the world is coming.” But though wars have lasted a hundred years, they cease at last, and still the Wandering Jew goes on, on.”



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