Mental Health Resources

In this time of change and resistance it’s important to care for yourself and yours. A pervasive problem in today’s society is mental disorders, yet they are rarely talked about, seen or understood. Mental disorders can interrupt your personal life, your work life, love life and how you relate to others. Even though most (not all) mental disorders are caused by genetic variables, the environment in which we are placed (or forced into) can exacerbate the disorders or bring them to light.

In these times where there is so much psychological warfare, as well as actual warfare, I find it important to keep ourselves in check. To care for who we are and find a baseline for our emotions and psyche. Discrimination, advocacy, even silence, in these times of hardship can cause a strain in one’s emotional and psychological well being.

I offer you, or you can offer others options and resources for taking care of their mental health. Please feel free to peruse and share this site (Mental Health. Gov) that contains different information and resources on mental disorders in English and Spanish.

Signing off,



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